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"Never salt another man's food; never water another man's whiskey."
- Grumman Proverb

The Falkir Clans in summer

The Falkir Clans - Locator Map

Proper Name The United Clans of the Falkir
Ruler No central ruler. (See below).
Population 6,317,500
Population Density 15 people per square kilometer
(40 people per square mile)
Demographics Grum 60%, Human 20%, Elven 10%, Dwarven 5%, Ogre 3%, Saurian 1.5%, Baenite .5%
Adjectival/Demonym Falkiran/Falkir
Languages Grumman 70%, Northern 30%
Capital City None
National Colors Varies by clan. Examples include green and brown, green and gold or green and orange.
Year Founded 1309
Currency Mixed. All currencies accepted. A great deal of trade and barter is carried as well.
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, mead, cotton, cloth, textiles, rice, corn, a variety of nuts, berries and roots, sunder shards are also found in this region
Wealth Average
Government Type Provincial
Government Stability Stable
Allies Khenshire, Jannerus
Enemies Duthelm
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Mireldokar
Other Religions Imarus, Barrinor, Sarreth, Daramis, Farzak
Climate Temperate
Total Land Area 431,000 square kilometers
(166,400 square miles)
Arable Land 35%
Terrain Forested Hills


The Falkir Clans is an area of younger, more rebellious grumman clans. This area sees a little more action than the other grumman nations due to its closer proximity to the War Vale, Duthelm and the Rift Vale. Bandit raids and skirmishes on the eastern border are common. Hence, the Falkir Clans maintain respectable militias. This region is known for its taverns, ales and gaming houses.


The Falkir Clans reside in the Falkir Hills in eastern central Ithria. This region is extremely hilly and rough in the southwest at the foothills of the Sentinel Mountains. Toward the east, the hills turn gentler and flatten out to grasslands. This region is dotted with many small forests. Hunting, fishing and farming are all carried out here. Lots of plant life and livestock, but very little in the way of dangerous wildlife.

The Great Stone

On the broad grasslands to the east, in between the Falkir Clans and Duthelm, there stands a tremendous rock jutting out from the fields, seeming very out of place. This 40 foot boulder is known as Unuloth in the Eastern tongue, but commonly called simply "The Great Stone". It is known to the ogres and orcs of Duthelm as Aurokoth... the Great Pebble. This stony landmark serves as an unofficial marker that denotes the border between the Falkir Clans and Duthelm.

Notable Fauna and Flora

Like its sister nations, the Falkir Clans are rich with livestock. Occasionally, farmers must deal with a large cat or pack of wolves attacking their herds. On rare occasions a pack of burrow hounds or a sentinel scorpion will wander down from the mountains. In such cases, the farmers usually call for the village militia to drive away the beast. The grumman lands grow a variety of good tobaccos and culinary herbs. The most well known of these are firestar pollen, kelfarian red leaf and rhen wheat.


The region of the Falkir Clans formed during the Age of Rebirth after a series of clan wars erupted in 1309 CY. Several clans, led by the Falkir, broke away from the Khenshire area and moved to the east.


No central government exists. This nation is divided up into nine clans. Each clan is divided into several villages and ruled by a council. Each village sends a representative to this council. Membership is for life.

Legal System

The legal system is defined and maintained by the council. Each clan has a different legal system, but all are similar.


Unlike the other two grumman nations, the Falkir Clans must deal with the real threat of unfriendly neighbors... mainly Duthelm. For this reason, the Falkir Clans have a standing armed force called the Border Guard. This military consists of grum from all the different clans. The Border Guard is sworn to protect the Clans region from invasion from Duthelm. They also keep a watchful eye on the War Vale and for creatures wandering down from the Sentinel Mountains. The Border Guard is divided up into three main forces: the North Guard, the East Guard and the South Guard.


Very strong and stable. Due to the centralized location and strong social atmosphere, much trade passes through the Falkir Clans. The economy is especially strong in food, drink , garments and jewelry.


The Falkir Clans are known for numerous alehouses, gaming establishments, foods and beverages. Hundreds of small taverns, inns, shops and such can be found here. This includes many specialty shops. Festivals and parties are common here.

The Falkir Clans have the traditional Four Season Festivals typical of the grumman nations. In addition, once each year, the Falkir Brewfest is held in all the major towns. The popular Brewfest brings people from neighboring nations to sample the latest ales.


Although the grum are not generally a folk known for their magic, the Falkir Clans have more magic than either Jannerus or Khenshire. There are several well known grumman wizards, but no grand magic schools here.

The orchards of the Falkir Clans


Name Population Notes
Stoutwall 28,800 A heavily fortified city that sits nestled among the foot hills of the Sentinel Mountains, just northeast of the Baen Desert. This small city guards the border from the creatures that inhabit the mountains and desert.
Edgefield 25,400 This small city lies in the middle of the Falkir Clans, in the middle of the largest valley and on one of the streams that flows into the Six Fork River.
Ale Creek 21,300 Lauded for its many fine breweries and pubhouses.
Phaegin 18,600 Known for very good hunting in the area. This small city has a fine inn and a guild of hunters.
Farrow 15,700 This town lies to the east and sits on a small lake that has excellent fishing.
Shady Grove 13,500 A quiet farming town that is rumored to be the base of a group of bandits that prowl on caravans passing throug the region.
Crullen Vale 9,400 Western city known for its pastries and vast colorful fields of crullen berries.
Fox Burrow 6,300 This village borders the War Vale and produces fine leather goods and garments.
Dromin 4,200 This small town lies north of the Falkir Hills.

Villages (Less than 1,000 population)

Bangert, Bardwick, Bowden, Brookdale, Dale of Oaks, Duran's Mound, Farhill, Flynn, Karoo, Keif, Mora, Rainbow's End, Thorny Hill, Ubren's Mound, Westlake

The rolling hills of the Falkir Clans


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