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The Town of Soleth


The Town of Soleth is large, clean, organized and well run. Soleth is responsible for the maintenance and defense of the Wall. It is not surprising that the people of this town seem somewhat grim. The town guard a bit more serious, more somber.

The most unique characteristic of this town are the dozens of "brick houses". This massive buildings have dozens of enormous ovens in which bricks for the Wall are baked. These buildings are easily identified by the huge central chimneys which continually belch forth a dull grey smoke. Piles of coal and firewood are stacked outside. Scattered about the brick baking complex are mountains of rubble and countless thousands of bricks, neatly stacked and arranged, organized by type and size. Wagons loaded with finished bricks are constantly rolling out of the town.

The Garrison

The heart of this town is the Garrison. It is the military headquarters for the entire region and the wall. This massive building is five stories tall and 300 rooms. It houses about 1,200 soldiers year around and about 4,000 during Horde season. The building is heavily fortified and every entrance can be sealed with iron plating. It is designed to withstand a direct Horde attack and has enough room inside for the entire population of Soleth.

There are four other smaller garrisons in town. Each houses 50 soldiers, 10 officers and one commander and each has a specific special function. For instance, sub garrison #2 is a supply depot and armory while sub garrison #4 is a prison. The legendary necromancer Saramuthak is entombed in a walled-up cell in the dungeon prison underneath sub garrison #4.