The World Of Khoras - Civilization - Merchandise


Item Name Legality Availability Cost
Bassinet Legal Common 4 gold
Banded Mail Legal Common 200 gold
Barding, Chain Legal Common 100 gold
Barding, Heavy Cloth Legal Common 2 gold
Barding, Plate Mail Legal Common 800 gold
Borrellian Polar Plate Legal Rare 120 gold
Chain Mail Legal Common 75 gold
Field Plate Restricted Rare 2,000 gold
Full Plate Restricted Very Rare 10,000 gold
Great Helm Legal Common 20 gold
Hardened Leather Legal Common 6 gold
Kalimuran Light Plate Legal Rare 1,000 gold
Kalimuran Ironcloth Surcoat Legal Rare 250 gold
Leather Legal Common 3 gold
Leather Skull Cap Legal Common 5 copper
Ogrish War Vest Legal Uncommon 50 gold
Padded Armor Legal Common 4 gold
Plate Mail Legal Uncommon 600 gold
Ring Mail Legal Common 100 gold
Saurian Scale Legal Uncommon 90 gold
Saurian Skull Helm Legal Rare 18 gold
Scale Mail Legal Common 120 gold
Shield, Small wooden Legal Common 1 gold
Shield, Large wooden Legal Common 2 gold
Shield, Small iron Legal Common 4 gold
Shield, Large iron Legal Common 8 gold
Shield, Kite Legal Common 12 gold
Shield, Wall Legal Uncommon 18 gold
Spiked Bracers Legal Common 10 gold
War Helm Legal Rare 12 gold
Xorian Battle Helm Legal Very Rare 60 gold

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