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From tiny villages to sprawling cities, merchandise and commerce are everywhere. There is a staggering variety of goods and services available for purchase to anyone with the coin to pay for it. Below are a few lists of things one may find for sale in the markets and bazaars of Khoras.


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Item Name

Indicates the common name of the item.



Legal - Indicates the item is legal for the common citizenry in most areas.
Shady - Indicates the item is associated with criminal activity or is of the lower classes. In the former case, the possessor may be monitored by the authorities. In the latter case, the possessor may be monitored, dealt with rudely or outright challenged by authorities.
Restricted - Indicates that the possession and/or use is partially restricted. Depending on the area and nature of the item, this may mean that it is available only to those of certian social classes and rank or that the item requires a permit of some kind.
Illegal - Indicates that the item is usually outlawed and possession and/or use of such will result in confiscation, fines and worse.



Common - Commonly available in all cities and villages in many different nations.
Uncommon - Commonly available in cities of substantial size, especially in or near the country from which the item comes (if it has a clear origin).
Rare - Usually available only in major cities on Market Day or in specialty stores. Quantities are usually limited.
Very Rare - Very difficult to obtain due to limited supply and expense. Available only in the largest cities and then usually only by appointment or special request. (This depends a great deal on the nature of the item in question and whether or not its origin is particular to a race or region).


Indicates the average cost of the item. Prices are given in Drakkellian standard coins. (1,000 Iron Petties = 100 Copper Commons = 10 Silver Nobles = 1 Gold Lord). Cost will vary, of course, depending on the region of the purchase, the condition of the item and many other factors.

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