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Culinary Herbs, Spices and Tobaccos

"The truest friend is a full pipe."
- Grumman proverb

Item Legality Availability Cost Description
Gurale Pepper Legal Common 1 iron Possibly the most widely used spice which is cheap and easy to obtain. Often sprinkled in stews and over meat.
Ilitheum Salt Legal Common 2 iron Not really a salt. This is a common spice which appears as brown granules and has a woody flavor.
Saujicon Legal Uncommon 7 iron A pungent brown tobacco.
Tiaso Blue Legal Common 1 copper A variety of tobacco which consists of very small, dark blue leaves.
Sorrani Powder Legal Common 2 copper A very hot, spicy powder which is bright red and used extensively in the south (Pirate Isles, Myria, Talis, and the Coalition).
Ground Mustard Seed Legal Common 2 copper A fine yellow powder made from ground mustard seeds.
Jinaam Legal Uncommon 6 copper The bright green leaves of this tobacco are often seen filling the smoking pipes in the grumman lands.
Vaul Leaves Legal Uncommon 1 silver Vaul is the name of a versatile herb. It's small orange-brown leaves can be boiled to make tea, sprinkled into stew or smoked in a pipe. It is relatively inexpensive and a good smoke for the common man.
Mulyurin Legal Common 1 silver A bitter, sour smelling and pungent ash grey-green tobacco. Considered foul by many, but smokers argue it is an acquired taste.




5 silver

The dark green leaves of this herb are soft, moist and an excellent smoking tobacco. Sweetspice is a hallucinogen and gives a definite "high" when smoked.
Fireweed Legal Common 1 copper A sweet, spongy tobacco. It is quite common in the southlands of Ithria and grows in many arid, rocky regions there. 1 copper piece will buy a small pouch of fireweed, enough for one smoke. It has a very spicy scent and flavor. Raw fireweed can be chewed. It’s proper alchemical name is calanthas. The grum use fireweed in some of their cooking. It is very common in the south. It is a mild sedative. It can be concentrated, through an alchemical process, to produce a mild sleep potion.

Rothka Weed



1 gold

This tobacco is very strong and has a foul, bitter flavor that many do not like. However, Rothka smokers swear by the stuff. It can be easily recognized by its oily black leaves.
Kelfarian Redleaf Legal Rare 5 gold The very finest tobacco to be had throughout the lands. One of two types. Redleaf is noted for its deep red color and sweet flavor.
Kelfarian Blackleaf Legal Rare 4 gold A darker variant of Kelfar with an almost black appearance and more robust, pungent aroma.
Firestar Pollen Shady Rare 2 gold This blue powder is often mixed with other tobaccos. It produces strong hallucinations.
Black Sticks Legal Rare 3 gold An expensive "pipeless" tobacco. These black sticks are formed from pressed resin, spices, herbs and tobacco. It is lit and smoked like a cigarette without the need for a pipe. Notable for a very strong odor which some people find disagreeable. Because of the cost, black sticks are usually only used by wealthy nobles. The powerful stench of these things are usually overpowering to sensitive elvish noses. Phellysians are usually allergic to black sticks... the smoke of winch causes accelerated breathing and a racing heart.


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