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Common Food Items

Common Food Items

Item Name Legality Availability Cost Notes
Ale, one bottle Legal Common 3 copper One bottle. The cheap stuff available in any tavern in any kingdom.
Apple Legal Common 5 iron Common red apple.
Apple Butter, one jar Legal Common 3 copper Made primarily in the central grumman lands and the north.
Apricot Legal Common 1 copper  
Bacon, one lb. Legal Common 3 copper  
Bananas, one bunch Legal Rare 5 copper Usually only available in the extreme south - pirate isles, Coalition and Myria.
Banquet Legal Rare 5 gold  
Barkrest fruit Legal Uncommon 5 copper  
Beef, one slab Legal Common 1 silver  
Biscuits, one dozen Legal Common 7 iron  
Black butter, one jar Legal Common 4 copper A common grumman butter made from milk, molasses and herbs.
Butter, one lb. Legal Common 1 copper  
Buttermilk, one gallon Legal Common 2 copper  
Cabbage, one jar Legal Common 5 iron  
Cake Legal Common 2 copper  
Carrot Legal Common 3 iron  
Coffee Legal Rare 5 gold Coffee is not native to Ithria and attempts to transplant it to Ithria have been largely unsuccessful. However, through magical tampering, one variety of coffee bean has been made to grow in Ithrian soil. It is named after the wizard that performed this feat of genetic engineering. It is called Keifa. Although it is coffee, it pales in comparison to the original, natural coffee beans found on other continents. It is found only in the south lands and a one pound bag costs 5 gold pieces.
Legal Very Rare 30 gold Cevica variety. One pound bag of beans. This variety of  coffee is native to Aggradar and is the original bean which was later altered to create the Keifa variety. Cevica beans produce a drink with a heady aroma and rich, dark brown color. 
Legal Very Rare 85 gold Aiger variety. One pound bag. This variety of coffee can only be found in the southern lands of Qeshir. It is as black as night and thick as blood. It is a potent, bitter flavor. These beans are sensitive to environmental changes and do not grow if transplanted to other lands. A one pound bag of Aiger beans will fetch a whopping 85 gold or more in the lands of Ithria. Most people in Ithria have never even heard of Aiger.
Corn, 1 ear Legal Common 5 iron  
Cornbread, one loaf Legal Common 8 iron  
Crab Legal Common 1 copper  
Dried Meat Legal Common 1 silver One pound of salted, dried meat.
Dry Rations, 1 package Legal Common 1 gold  
Egg Legal Common 1 iron  
Fish Legal Common 2 iron  
Gretta Legal Common 3 copper A heavily spiced sausage made from beef, pork, ground mustard seed, herbs and spices. Gretta is of grumman origin.
Grapes, one bunch Legal Common 6 iron  
Honey, one small bottle Legal Common 1 copper  
Honeybread Legal Uncommon 2 copper  
Hulkye Lemons Legal Common 1 copper Am oblong bittersweet citrus fruit of bright yellow-green color. Common in the Aukaria Republic. Uncommon throughout the rest of Aggradar. Rare in Ithria and Qeshir.
Lobster Legal Common 1 copper  
Milk, one bottle Legal Common 1 copper  
Mushrooms, one jar Legal Common 3 copper  
Nuts, one small bag Legal Common 3 iron  
Oats, one bag Legal Common 1 copper  
Onion Legal Common 6 iron  
Orange Legal Common 1 copper  
Pie Legal Common 4 copper  
Podmoss Legal Uncommon 3 copper  
Potatoes, bag of 20 Legal Common 2 copper  
Rice, 10 lb. bag, uncooked Legal Common 1 copper  
Road Biscuit Legal Uncommon 3 gold  
Salt, one pound bag Legal Common 3 iron  
Spices, assorted Legal Common 1 silver  
Sugar, one pound bag Legal Rare 2 silver  
Tea leaves, ground, one small bag Legal Common 2 copper  
Tomatoes, bag of 20 Legal Common 2 copper  


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