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Item Legality Availability Cost Description

Smoked Krell



1 silver

A soft, white grumman cheese which is smoked for three days during the final phase of its preparation.


Legal Common 6 copper An Aukarian cheese made in the town of Calannon. Hamarat is a strongly-flavored, crumbly, whitish-green cheese which takes it's name from the Aukarian province where it is produced.

Red Bursk

Legal Common 2 copper This soft cheese is made by the Magrakians. It has a dark orange, almost reddish color. Very pungent and flavorful. Most non-magrakians find the flavor overpowering. It must be used sparingly in food (unless you're a magrakian).


Legal Common 8 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. Rhatania is a smooth yellow and orange cheese with a soft, spongy texture.


Legal Common 5 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. Caldorian spiced pure white and sweet.


Legal Common 3 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. A unique spiced cheese. Traethin is a blue white crumbly cheese with a pungent odor and sour flavor. Many consider it an acquired taste.


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