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Any animal can be captured, trained, sold and used as a pet, guardian or hunting companion. Exotic beasts taken far from their native environment are rare and capture fantastic prices. Below are some animals (farm animals, pets, beasts of burden, etc.) that the characters are likely to encounter.

Item Name

Legality Availability Cost
Behemoth Restricted Rare 5,000 gold
Boar Legal Common 10 gold
Bull Legal Common 20 gold
Calf Legal Common 5 gold
Camel Legal Uncommon 20 gold
Capon Legal Common 3 copper
Chicken Legal Common 2 copper
Darkwing Shady Rare 2,000 gold
Dog, Guard Legal Uncommon 25 gold
Dog, Hunting Legal Common 15 gold
Dog, War Restricted Uncommon 30 gold
Cat, Domestic Legal Common 1 copper
Cat, Trained Hunting Restricted Rare 1,000 gold
Cattle, Beef Legal Common 10 gold
Cattle, Samasar Legal Uncommon 20 gold
Cow, dairy Legal Common 8 gold
Elephant Legal Rare 50 gold
Falcon, Hunting Legal Rare 500 gold
Goat Legal Common 1 gold
Goose Legal Common 6 copper
Guinea Hen Legal Common 8 iron
Horse, Snowdrifter Legal Rare 500 gold
Horse, Heavy War Legal Uncommon 300 gold
Horse, Light War Legal Uncommon 100 gold
Horse, Riding Legal Common 50 gold
Horse, Draft Legal Uncommon 75 gold
Kittersal Legal Rare 250 gold
Lamb Legal Common 4 gold
Llama Legal Uncommon 15 gold
Mule, donkey, ass Legal Common 10 gold
Ox Legal Common 10 gold
Parrot Legal Common 5 gold
Parrot, mimicing Legal Rare 25 gold
Partridge Legal Common 4 copper
Peacock Legal Common 5 silver
Pig Legal Common 3 gold
Pigeon Legal Common 5 iron
Pigeon, Homing Legal Common 100 gold
Pony Legal Common 15 gold
Ram Legal Common 4 gold
Rooster Legal Common 5 silver
Sheep Legal Common 3 gold
Songbird Legal Common 1 gold
Swan Legal Uncommon 2 gold
Thunder Beast Restricted Rare 60 gold


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