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Due to excellent roads, a literate elite and many excellent universities, Padashi is remarkably consistent across the vast Padashan empire. Still, there are two main regional dialects. Nuparian Padashi (sometimes called northern padashi) is spoken in the more heavily populated Nupar River Valley. This is the main dialect spoken on most of the cities and towns. Southern Padashi is spoken in the less populated outer regions: the Drylands, the deep desert and the Borderlands. Both dialects are very similar and speakers of one dialect can be understood by speakers of the other with little diffiulty.


Padashi is a beautiful language. It consists of many small soft syllables strung together that are spoken in a rapid, ra-ta-ta fashion. In particular, the soft 'a' vowel sound is very prevalent.


Padashi is descended from an ancient pre-War language known as Hasha. Padashi developed rapidly during the political and social upheaval that occurred during the founding of the Padashan Empire. Padashi is a very complex language with 68 letters many of which came down from Hasha unchanged.


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