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Orrojek - Capital City of Kalimura

"The only thing superior to the scholars of Orrojek is their arrogance at keeping their technological marvels from the world."
- Patrick Qaigen, House Qaigen, Drakkellian Guild

Ruler His Most Enlightened Potentate of Knowledge, Leader of the Technomancers, Prime Minister Albert Myrasen
Population 135,400
Demographics Human 30%, Dwarven 25%, Grum 15%, Elven 11%, Karthasian 8%, Phellysian 5%, Orc 4%, Ogre 2%
Adjectival/Demonym Rojekian/Rojekians
Languages Southern 80%, Drakkellin 15%, Elven 5%
Nationality Kalimura
National Colors Red and grey
Year Founded 1523
Currency Kalimuran bills of credit
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Iron ore, copper, refined metals, coal, weapons, armor, ships, lumber, fish, literature, advanced learning, methkari crystals
Wealth Very Wealthy
Government Type Democracy
Government Stability Very Stable
Allies Drakkellian Alliance
Enemies Myria
Walled Yes
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Pre-Industrial
Primary Religion None
Other Religions None
Climate Temperate
Terrain Coastal grassland


The Craftsmens' Keep  The University of Kalimura
The Craftsmen's Keep    The University of Kalimura


The city of Orrojek is an anachronism of sorts and an anomaly. It is a city of science and technology in a world ruled by magic. It is also a cradle of civilization in a somewhat lawless and wild west. Orrojek was founded upon the tenants that science and learning could overcome the challenges of the real world. To this end, Orrojek has developed several schools, guilds and other organizations that hold those tenants dear and all work toward Orrojek’s primary goal – to show the world the advantages of science over magic. Orrojek is, first and foremost, a place of learning.

Magic and religion have no place here. Indeed, mages and priests will receive a very cool welcome at best. Wizards and priests are allowed to enter the city, but they are forbidden from casting magic here. Any spell caster caught casting a spell will be expelled from the city and will not be allowed to return. Discret magic items may be carried, but may not be used. Anyone caught using a magical item will likewise be expelled from the city. Any object or creature which appears overtly magical and possibly dangerous will simply be denied entry into the city.

Orrojek has a very formal academic atmosphere. The city is clean, organized and seems somewhat restrained. This is not a city of festivals. Orrojek is an idyllic, serene setting with formal buildings, manicured lawns, neatly trimmed bushes, plotted gardens and large parks.

Another thing one might notice about Orrojek is that many people wear uniforms of one sort or another. While it is true that most buildings have guards stationed at entrances, the uniforms that one will see around the city are not always military. Professors, craftsmen and others of such ilk will often have outfits of a particular cut and style which marks them as a member of a particular guild or school. This trend of pseudo-uniforms is the closest thing to a fashion statement that one might find in this city. In any case, this is a notable difference from the nobles of other cities who strut about in fancy clothes and gaudy jewelry.

Orrojek is not a very socially stratified city either. Whereas some cities have a marked difference between the elite nobles who squander their wealth and the abject poverty of the commoners, everyone is Orrojek seems to be relatively well off. Such extremes in wealth and poverty seem to have been somewhat evened out. While their are wealthy nobles and poor commoners here, there is also a thriving middle class of craftsmen, artisans and laborers.

Orrojek has several excellent libraries, workshops and small museums. Most buildings are made up dark sandstone and exhibit a blend of dwarven and Traxxian architecture.

Festivals and Faires

All Fools Fest

The largest festival in Kalimura is an annual event called All Fools Fest. During this week long affair, citizens craft and wear a variety of masks and costumes. The theme for this festival is the folly of magic and religion. Most people will dress up as priests, wizards, witches and such. Garbed so, the participants will grossly exaggerate the characteristics of the religion they are portraying and mock the laws of the church. In all, it is a gay, festive time of pranks, contests and masked balls. The All Fools Festival happens in early autumn each year and is held in all towns and villages. During this festival, wizards and priests who are in town are treated as celebrities for the duration of the festival. Oft times they are bought drinks and asked questions about their faith or magic. However, many simply do not put up with it as the pretense of sincerity is tissue thin and the mockery behind it is obvious. 

Government and Public Establishments

Orrojek Assembly Hall

The Orrojek Assembly Hall is the main government building of the nation. This domed capital building is an architectural marvel combining the best aspects of Human and Dwarven craftsmanship. The dome itself is a half sphere 72 meters (236 feet) in diameter and sits atop a large three story building. The Assembly Hall houses 150 chambers, mostly small conference rooms, libraries, court rooms and large meeting halls. The entire structure is crafted of white stone. Technomancers meet regularly with city planners and politicians to pass and debate over legislation.

University of Kalimura

The University is the pride of Kalimura. It is a luxurious estate of twelve great stone buildings arranged among terraced gardens, pools of clear water and cobblestone walkways. This is a place of great learning. Here, sages and scholars, savants and craftsmen, are invited to teach. Those who can afford it send their children here to learn the arts of science and mathematics and to master the crafts. The age-old practice of apprenticeship still exists within Kalimura for common trades - smithing, herbalism, brewing, cobbling. The University instructs its students in such matters as metaphysics, philosophy, engineering, diplomacy, military tactics, ancient languages, mathematics, poetry and the like. Students graduating from the University often obtain lucrative positions from family friends in positions of authority. The school master of this university is Master Pucharin Lecram.

The Academy of Sciences

The serious scholars and scientists of Kalimura gather within this beautiful stone building to learn, study, discuss and experiment. The Academy has a number of resources for scholars... it is equipped with a number of fine libraries, council chambers, laboratories and such. A great deal of research and experimentation occurs within these walls. Experimental results are evaluated and official standards are decided upon. Graduates of the University continue post graduate work here. Many teachers at the University are active researchers who can be found here in the evening. Total number of members of the Academy is 75 with a staff of 40.

The Progress Towers

The Progress Towers keep watch over all entrances to the city, by land or sea. They exist to keep track of government technology, and to make sure that some of the more sensitive Kalimuran advances never leave the city without authorization.They also keep to the rigid detail of confiscating all magic items before travelers are allowed entrance. Plus there's the standard lecture to all visiting mages to keep their magic to themselves, if they don't want any trouble. Lines can sometimes develop on busy days. The Towers are guarded by its own militia and officers. Various city officials can be found in the towers as well. All the Progress Towers are ruled by Commander General Sothby.

The Tower of the Corps

The Tower of the Corps is a sight to behold. This stout stone tower dominates the city scape. It stands over 46 meters tall (151 feet) and is made of dark grey stone blocks each one meter square. The Tower houses the officers of the Corps (the city militia). This includes offices, sleeping quarters, training facilities, storage rooms, armories, stables, kennels and more. The Tower houses up to 600 soldiers.   Commander General Krandel Morosh is the commanding officer of the Corps and reports directly to the Minister of the Guard.

The City House of Coins and Bills

The city mint, along with it's several money changers throughout the city, will offer a fairly reasonable exchange rate for most foreign currency. Since the rate at most shops in town is much higher, it's recommended that travelers stop at one of these stations first. Kalimuran credit is the world's only existing system of paper money, so it takes foreigners a while to get used to it. One monad is roughly equivalent to one Drakkellian gold lord (as far as purchase power is concerned). For every 10 Drakkellian gold lords converted to monads, there is a fee of one gold. Lord Ikran Suth, a dwarf of advanced years, meticulously accounts for the coinage that passes through this hall.

The Corps

The City Guard of Orrojek is known as the Corps. The Corps is very well equipped like the Kalimuran military. City guards wear heavy plate armor and wield fine, serrated steel blades. They wear heavy helmets, gauntlets, heavy boots and great cloaks. They patrol the city in groups of five. (Four soldiers and one lieutenant). The City Guard consists of a total of 1,500 men. Their rank structure is: patrolman, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander and commander general. Many officers (but not all) carry a spell singer crystal with them to help them detect and deal with magic. The higher ranking officers all carry such crystals and the higher the rank, the larger such a crystal is likely to be.

The Underworld of Orrojek

Like any major city, Orrojek has many tavern brawls, pickpockets, street thugs, common robbers and unemployed mercenaries turned bandit. There are a couple of small, loosely organized bands of thieves. Some specialize in smuggling Kalimuran technology out of Orrojek and this is a chief concern of the corps.

There is one group, however, that the authorities have taken notice of lately. Formerly known as the Blades, it is a group of thieves that have started using magic in their crimes. They now call themselves "the Scourge". This group has been getting more bold and more vicious in their crimes with time. Very little is known about this group but the authorities suspect the Scourge is responsible for a number of missing persons, daring robberies and outright murders. The city guard has increased night time patrols.

Temples and Shrines

Because of Kalimura's underlying social philosophy of science over faith, there are no churches, temples or shrines anywhere in the city. The city has not gone so far as to outlaw prayer or personal faith, but any such religious activities are to be kept in the privacy of the home. Religiously oriented public gatherings are forbidden, however. Priests are allowed to enter the city, but they are forbidden to proselytize in any fashion. Any priest attempting to spread their faith here will be expelled from the city and not allowed to return.

Unique City Features

The Bell Tower of Orrojek

In Orrojek, there is a central bell tower which houses an elaborate mechanical clock connected to a complex set of bells. This technological marvel keeps perfect time and will strike bells every hour on the hour. At noon each day, the bells will play a song. The bell tower requires no human intervention and minimal maintenance. This is one of the things visiting dignitaries are shown and it is something most citizens of Orrojek are quite proud of. The tower itself is an ornate thing made of sandstone and copper. The bells are copper and polished monthly so that they gleam in the sun.

Important People of Kalimura

Albert Myrasen, Prime Minister of Kalimura and Guild Master of the Technomancers

Supreme authority of the nation. Sir Albert Myrasen is the prime minister of Kalimura. He is a devout technomancer and passionate about the Kalimuran philosophy. He rules all of Kalimura, but is politically balanced with a council of ministers.

Devane Kanoskar, Minister of Defense

Minister Kanoskar is the supreme military commander of Kalimura and leads both the land and naval forces. He is a brilliant tactician who enjoys the strategy of war more than war itself. He has little actual battle field experience. Minister Kanoksar is a clean shaven man of average build with short white hair. He would like to begin an aggressive campaign against the "primitive" cultures that surround Kalimura, but the council keeps him in check and limits his funds. Minister Kanoskar does not respect the cultures of the west and loathes the phellysians in particular. He has been known to assign extra patrols along the phellysian border and to push into their territory.

Burg Dietrik, Minister of Finances

Burg Dietrik is the chief financial officer of the nation. As such, he is charged with regulates taxes and controlling the city's inventories and treasuries. Minister Dietrik is a large man with short, dark hair. He is a very gentle, soft spoken man who abhors violence and refuses to carry a weapon. He is very relaxed in his style of management and treats his subordinates very well. He is an intelligent man with a remarkable memory. He believes is keeping good, accurate records and teaches these traits to his staff of 30. He and his staff produce huge volumes of paperwork each month.

Edgar Conrad, Minister of Foreign Relations

Edgar Conrad is the Minister of Foreign Relations and is the chief of the diplomatic arm of Kalimura. In such a position, he often finds himself directly opposed to Minister Kanoskar. Where Minister Conrad seeks to cement strong relations with Kalimura's cultural neighbors, Minister Kanoskar seeks to provoke border conflicts. Edgar Conrad is a thin, nervous, high strung man who seems afraid of everything. He develops a stutter when he becomes flustered. Obsessed with youth and is using various hair dyes and makeup to appear younger. (He has even considered using magic, but is afraid of the consequences if he were caught). He maintains a small ranch outside the city where he raises horses.

Osri Bueshar, Minister of Science

Osri Bueshar is the chief authority of scientific research in Kalimura. He maintains offices in the Assembly Hall and at the University. 

Kurn Haimon, Minister of Guilds

Kurn Haimon is the liaison between the government and the guilds of Kalimura. As such, he holds meetings with the craftsmen of the city to discuss policy, technology, patents and such.

Athon Geselher, Minister of Commons

As the Minister of Commons, Athon Geselher is responsible for the day to day functioning of the city as a whole. He oversees the magistrates, the court system and a variety of lower administrative offices.

Peta Ausmin, Minister of the Guard

Minister Ausmin is in charge of the Corps. His chief responsibility is the security of the city and all within its walls. He is also in charge of the Progress Towers and is responsible for monitoring the flow of imports and exports. He is charged with ensuring that no unauthorized Kalimuran technology leaves the city.

Grellmon, Leader of the Alliance of Alloys

Grellmon is a remarkably gifted dwarven who leads the Alliance of Alloys.

Pentos Savitson, Kalimuran Scholar

A respected scholar and member of the intellectual elite of the city. Teaches at the University.

Shops and Guilds

Name and Proprietor Description
Technomancers' Guild House
Lord Pallin
Guild Hall - The Technomancer Guild is the most powerful and influential guild in all of Kalimura. The center of this guild is a large triangular building of odd design. It is entirely wood and graced with tall towers, skywalks, balconies and bridges. It's complex architecture is geometric and dizzying. The building is built entirely over a large pond, spanning it like a great tripod. The pylons that support the building are mammoth structures that drive right into the dirt on the sides of the pond. The Technomancer Guildhouse is center of scientific learning and study. Over 100 members live and work here including Lord Pallin, the Chamberlain of the guild house, who is responsible for its care. The Guildmaster is none other than Sir Albert Myrasen, the Prime Minister of Kalimura. In addition to the many Technomancers, the guildhouse will typically have about 35 servants and one to two dozen student/apprentices. The guildhouse has some of the best workshops, forges and libraries in the city.
Terok's Wares
General Store - A bizarre general store and trading post. Terok is a tough man to figure out. The self -proclaimed "Grand Inventor of the Sea and Sky", Terok is a little muddled, but nonetheless brilliant. His shop is filled to the ceiling with his many wondrous inventions, although it's not always clear to the layman what all of them are supposedly for. Terok's friends wish that his cleverness was matched by a sense of restraint. His last attempt at a "flying machine" broke both his legs, blew up his kitchen, and permanently blinded his cat.
Coryn's Medicinary
Coryn Treadmist
Apothecary - The Medicinary has one of the finest selections of herbs, incense and tobaccos west of Drakkel. It also houses Orrojek's only fully active underground wizard. Coryn is the epicenter of all illegal magic activity in town. He can provide spell components, enchanted items, and advice to other undergrounds. His motive for staying in Orrojek when his talents could be so much more appreciated elsewhere are uncertain, but he must be truly powerful to have prospered in the city for so long without being detected.
Inn of the Seventh Heaven
Inn - The inn of the seventh heaven claims to be the most luxurious inn throughout all of Ithria and it may well be true. This opulant hall boasts 50 rooms that dwarf the rooms at other inns. Each room is a grand suite of three separate chambers; bed chamber, dining room and bathing hall. Servants fulfill every whim of the guests. The food is excellent and available 24 hours a day. The inn offers a number of special services: laundry, guides, messengers, scribes, massage, consorts, perfumed oils for bathing, in-house tailoring and more. Every meal is a banquet complete with musicians and story tellers. Every guest is treated like royalty (and quite often is).     However, what this inn is most famous for is a Kalimuran invention. Built into the top floor of this building are twelve 500-gallon vats of water, four of which are heated by a wood burning furnace. These vats are connected to a complex network of copper pipes which run to every suite. These pipes end in spigotts and empty into wash basins and small tubs. This, in effect, makes the Inn of the Seventh Heaven the only building known to have hot and cold running water. (Although other buildings in Kalimura may attempt to copy this idea in the near future). Needless to say, all of this makes the Inn ridiculously expensive. A single night at this inn costs 5 diads (the equivalent of 50 Drakkellian gold lords). Only the very wealthy can afford to stay here. But for those with the funds, it is worth it.
The Craftsmens' Keep
Guild Hall - The Craftsmens' Keep is a collection of blacksmith forges, stone masonry chambers, metal working shops, carpentry shops and other work areas housed in a small castle. The Craftsmens Guild is similar to the Technomancers but deals with more traditional trades and crafts. About 75 members work and live at the Keep.
Flayed Priest
Library/Museum - This square stone building in the south end of town is a museum dedicated to Kalimuran technological achievements. Examples of all Kalimuran inventions can be found here along with prototypes, displays showing the evolution of certain technologies and more. There is also a gallery displaying current projects and future ideas. The Flayed Priest also has a very good library. It is run by an old Technomancer named Qulloch who is a fanatic regarding Kalimuran supremacy. He despises all priests and worshipers of any religion. He will even go so far as to forbid entrance to anyone he even suspects of harboring religous feelings. He also hates mages and magic.
Netayna Coir
Tavern - The Heretic is a rowdy tavern frequented by the workers and commoners of the city. It serves a particularly good breakfast feast (a combination of scrambled eggs, shredded steak and spiced potatoes). This small tavern is run by Netayna Coir, a friendly human female with a fiery mane of red hair, and her brother Mekrul.
The Gibbering Mouth
Tavern - This large and clean establishment serves good food and has a dozen small, but clean rooms for rent. It also has a large common room and two suites for a few extra coins per night. The Gibbering Mouth is, some would say, aptly named. It is run by a Damato, the talkative proprietor who tends bar. Orem is a big man with thinning grey hair, a neatly trimmed goatee and a ponytail. Damato is constantly engaging this customers, his staff, even passersby, in conversation about the weather, local political events, news, rumors and gossip. He will often lavish praise on the skills of Stumpy, his one armed cook, while ridiculing the culinary shortcomings of his competition. Oft times, Damato will regale customers with endless stories of his career in the military. The man simply never shuts up.


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