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Born 1764        
Died 1830 (age 66)        
Age - Hair Style Long and loose
Race Human Hair Color Dark brown
Height 1.9m (6' 3") Eye Color Grey
Weight 118 kg (261 lbs) Distinguishing Marks Multiple scars
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment -

Profession Warrior, Mercenary Leader
Chief Location Vorrik
Affiliations None
Languages Rukemian, Vorrikan, Northern
Skills Unarmed Combat, Blade Combat, Riding, Hunting, Wilderness Survival, Swimming,


Ransook is considered by many to be the greatest warrior who ever lived. He lived centuries ago during the Age of Rebirth,  traveled across the kingdoms of Ithria, fought many legendary battles and earned a great deal of respect. During the late 18th century, he traveled extensively with different mercenary bands.

Ransook is known to have had many glorious adventures. Among the most notable is the battle he fought with a young white dragon in the snowy north lands. During the battle, he managed to destroy the dragon's eye with a well aimed arrow. The dragon, who still lives today, is now known as Cyclops.

While traveling through grumman lands, Ransook was staying in a small town in Khenshire when the town was attacked by bandits. He battled the bandits and slew the leader, but was mortally wounded during the fight and died shortly afterwards. He is buried beneath a great cairn of stones outside the town he saved, the town which name bears his name. There is a story that tells of a wizard who came in the night, stood of the cairn and cast a spell. Some say he took the body of Ransook away with that spell, though the stones have never been moved to confirm or deny this.


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