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Mallius the Destroyer

Age 45 Hair Style Long, style varies 
Race Human Hair Color Black
Height 1.93 meters (6' 4") Eye Color Brown
Weight 110 kilograms (243 lb) Distinguishing Marks Scar on chin
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Ornate heavy plate "dragon" armor, shield.

Profession Renegade Dragon Knight
Chief Location Tyrrenkor and elsewhere in the Coalition.
Affiliations Council of Seven.
Languages Southern, Drakkellin, Ogrish, Orcish
Skills Weapon Combat, Unarmed Combat, Aerial Riding, Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Hunting, Running, Swimming, Etiquette, Ithrian History, Coalition Politics,  Heraldry, Languages, Poison, Alchemy


Mallius, known as the "Destroyer", was once a member of the Order of the Drake. He rebelled against their teachings, killed two fellow Dragon Knights and fled the Order with his firedrake steed in 2704 CY. Since that time, he has gone down a very dark path. He has attacked caravans, stolen treasures, murdered countless innocents and has generally wreaked havoc. He seems to consider everyone his enemy. Many theories exist as to how one so blessed could have fallen so far and so suddenly. Any of them might have some truth to them.

Mallius hates the Order of the Drake and plots against them. Likewise, all knights of the Order of the Drake have orders to hunt down and kill Mallius. There have been numerous clashes between the Dragon Knights and Mallius. Thus far, Mallius has killed five Dragon Knights and does not seem content to stop until every Dragon Knight lies dead.

Mallius is often seen in Tyrrenkor and frequently meets with high ranking officials. It is rumored that he often works for the Council of Seven on secret missions of assassination. It is also rumored that Mallius has established a secret lair somewhere in the Coalition.

Physical Appearance

Mallius once wore the traditional "dragon armor" of the Order of the Drake. His shining armor was fashioned with vaguely reptilian features. However, it is clear that Mallius has altered his armor. Although the style of the armor is the same, the metal is now dull grey and dirty. It seems rusted and corroded with age. However, some dark magic gives it unworldly strength. He fights with a magical blade of ebony mithril, although its powers are unknown. He wields the blade one handed so that he may bear a large shield in his left, a black shield fashioned of steel and leather. A humanoid skull decorates the center of the shield. Survivors of his attacks say the skull on the shield shrieks in fury while Mallius fights.


Few know Mallius personally. He is only seen rarely. Usually only flying over Tyrrenkor, going to or coming from the great Hall of Seven. For those who have been near him, they say there is a palpable aura of unending fury surrounding the man. Rage seems permanently etched on his face. Others say it is rage tinged with sadness, a deep sorrow that speaks to some unspeakable thing... perhaps that very thing that drove him from the Order of the Drake years ago. Clearly, some horrible regret fuels his rage and drives this lost warrior. His most pure hatred seems reserved for the Order of the Drake. He plots endlessly against them devoting his life to revenge.

Notable Skills

As might be guessed, Mallius is a terror on the battle field. Apparently fearless and mad with rage, he has stood his ground against six Dragon Knights and driven them back with furious blows. He is a master of the blade and a very accomplished rider, both on the ground and in the air. He is a very intelligent man educated in history, politics, etiquette, heraldry and languages. It is also rumored that he has been meeting with members of the Order of the Vile and has begun dabbling in poisons, alchemy and dark magic.


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