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The Conclave Defiant


Khoras is populated by millions of people and each one of them, no matter how small his or her role in the world, has unique skills, goals and motivations. Below is a small sampling of some of the more important people in the world. 

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Political Royalty, nobility, national leaders and those associated with politics.
Military Commanders, soldiers, 
Religious Priests, acolytes, monks, cultists, 
Economic Merchants, traders, shop keeps, tavern owners
Wizard Mages, witches, hedge wizards, apprentices
Scholar Sages, historians, poets, curators, students, instructors
Criminial Bandits, brigands, pirates, outlaws and prisoners.
Social Guild masters, organization leaders, wealthy socialites, celebrities.


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Arkalia Avar Baen Bathynia Borrell
Carrikos Coalition Corvenia Cyrell Drakkell All.
Duthelm Ethara Falkir Clans Jannerus Kalimura
Karth Khenshire Kitar Mercia Myria
Normidia Ormek Pirate Isles Rift Vale Rukemia
Talis Ulkran Urmordia Uthran Vorrik
War Vale Ithell Garrison River Gate Vogue


Trackless Mire Baen Desert      


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