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Long ago, I started to write a book. It was set in Khoras and based on the Quest of the Avisarr campaign. The working title of this book is "To Find A King". I wrote about 10 chapters, although the book as a whole is only a rough draft. I have not yet gone back and polished or refined it at all. Since I started it, the book has been set aside while I focus on a dozen other projects. I haven't touched this book in many years. I probably won't finish this book, but will more likely rewrite it.

Several people have requested that I post all of the chapters (in their current state) here on the web site. So here they are. Honestly, they aren't very well written. But then again, they ARE just rough drafts, so keep that in mind.

One further disclaimer - these chapters were written LONG ago... many of them precede this web site. So, you may notice some discrepancies between the fiction here and the details found in the rest of the official Khoras canon. In most cases, the web site overrules the book. Overall, it doesn't really matter... if I ever finish this book, these chapters will be rewritten anyway.

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