The World of Khoras

Each month, we'll shine the "spotlight" on a specific section of Khoras and expand that section with new details, revised text, images and more. The spotlight will sometimes focus on some dusty forgotten corner of Khoras. Other times it will highlight several, often related, sections.

January 2021

I will be spending January finishing up the work on Travel and Distance. I'm adding a new Travel and Distance section at the bottom of every nation and city. Check out a few of the nations to see it. It's taking longer than I expected which is why it's going to require a third month of work. I'm aiming for accuracy and it takes a lot of work and calculations to figure out the true distances between two points on the globe while taking into consideration a specific meandering route and terrain AND while eliminating all distortion inherent in a Mercator projection map. It's slow going, but it's worth it. The distances listed in the new tables are accurate to within 75 meters per 100 kilometers of travel. The travel times are based on a lot of research from a dozen different sources. Hopefully this information is useful for game masters in their campaigns.

Suggestions for future Monthly Spotlight topics are welcome. Email me and help steer the development of Khoras.


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