The World of Khoras

Each month, we'll shine the "spotlight" on a specific section of Khoras and expand that section with new details, revised text, images and more. The spotlight will sometimes focus on some dusty forgotten corner of Khoras. Other times it will highlight several, often related, sections.

March 2020


Continuing work on Alchemy and a number of related topics, such as medicinal plants, culinary herbs, poisons, venoms, drugs and alchemical ingredients. In addition to that, I'll be reviewing and updating a few specific pages of fauna and flora (which are essentially the source for all medicines, herbs, poisons and so forth).

There will likely be modifications and adjustments to other parts of the site that relate to alchemy, such as the availability and cost of alchemical products in the merchandise section or the ways in which various cultures use or interact with local poisonous plants and venomous animals, for instance.


Suggestions for future Monthly Spotlight topics are welcome. Email me and help steer the development of Khoras.


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