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NEWS: December 2020

Recent work on the website :

December 3 - Information on new towns in the Rukemian Empire and the Chaddamar Theocracy has been added to the respective nation pages.

December 2- Travel distance charts added to Arkalia and the Aukarian Republic.

December 1- All nation detail maps have been updated to match the revised Version 4.0 world map.

November 30 - Travel and Distance page uploaded. Travel and distance information added to the Anquar nation page.

November 29 - Initial information on the independent town of the Crossroads uploaded. More information on this town to come.

November 28 - Final tweaks were made to the main world map including minor revisions of a few roads and the addition of some new towns. Adjustments will be made to synchronize other maps and nation pages very soon.

November 15 - Planet page has been redone and includes a graphic that illustrates the scale difference between the world map and the full planet surface.

November 14 - A new interactive 3D globe version of the world map is online.

November 13 - World Map updated again. Labels have been resized to be more legible on the 10K and 5K pixel versions.



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